Monday, October 31, 2011

Owl's Night

Good morning everyone! Happy Halloween! This is the day my daughter has been waiting for all month! She is super excited to go trick-or-treating tonight. I just hope the rain holds off until after we are done!

I had plans to do a really fun multi-colored mani today. But I just didn't feel like putting in the time knowing that I would only wear it today. So I picked one of my new polishes to wear, that is perfect for Halloween!

This is called Owl's Night & it's from the Project Runway collection by L'Oreal. I searched high & low for this polish about a month ago & everywhere I went it was sold out. But last week I went into Walgreens looking for something else & there was one little bottle sitting all by itself. So I brought it home with me!

I love this color! I'm not really even sure what color it is. I think it is a black base with lots of green & gold shimmer.

I thought this was appropriate for Halloween, but will be great all Autumn long! Have a safe Halloween night! I'll be back soon with pictures from all our Halloween festivities!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Candy Corn Nails!

Well it is officially Halloween weekend & I'm so excited! We have a couple things going on this weekend & I wanted to get in the Halloween mood. It started yesterday with Ella's Fall Festival & Party at school. I was signed up to help, so Wednesday afternoon I did candy corn nails. I thought the kids would like it. But I actually got quite a few compliments from the adults! 

This was really easy to do. I used Sun-Sational by Ulta and Hazard & Snow Me White by Sinful Colors. Any yellow, orange & white that you may have would work. I know Sally Hansen makes a yellow polish as well. You could find all these colors at the drugstore. There's still time before Halloween!

I painted all my nails orange, except my ring finger, which I painted white. After my nails were dry I painted yellow at the base of my ring finger. I let that dry, then went back & painted an orange stripe in the middle, covering up where the yellow & white met.

I think overall it turned out pretty cute! And everywhere I went yesterday people told me how cute it was & asked if I had it done somewhere! If you wanted, you could make each nail a candy corn, but I like this look. And it would take a lot more time to do each nail that way.

I still have another Halloween manicure that I want to try, so look for that one on Monday. Let me know if any of you try this or any other Halloween manicure! Have a great weekend :)

Monday, October 24, 2011


Hello everyone! It's that time of the week! Today's color may not be one you associate with Fall. But it is metallic, which is popular right now. It is called Rage by Orly. It is a nice shimmery rose gold.

The lighting in this picture is too dark, but I think you can really see how much this polish shines & sparkles!

I think this color would work well during the holidays, like on New Years Eve. And it would be pretty in the summer too.

But as always you should wear what you like when you like! If you want to wear a bright pink in the dead of winter, do it! A dark purple in June? Why not!

I really like this color & I'm so glad I got it. I had been looking at it in the store for a while. I actually went to Ulta one day in search of another Orly polish & saw that they were on sale. So I took it as a sign to finally get this one too :) I'll post the other polish soon.

But I have a couple Halloween looks coming up this week!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Bronze Ablaze

Good morning! So last week was a little busy for me. Greg was out of town most of the week, so I didn't feel like spending any free time I had blogging. But I have some pictures to share from our week. And we all went to the pumpkin patch yesterday afternoon! 

But for now I have today's Mani Monday! This color is called Bronze Ablaze by Sally Hansen. It is a bronze-y copper metallic color.

And in certain light in can look very green. Before I bought this polish I googled it to find swatches & in a lot of the pictures it had that green tint to it. It reminded me of Butter London Wallis. This was a color I really wanted during the Ulta sale, but they did not have it.

Now I don't want to say this is a dupe for Wallis, but they are similar & I see no need to try & get Wallis now. I mean if someone gave it to me I would love that!! But Bronze Ablaze was only $5, Wallis is $14.

I got this polish at Walgreens. It was in a separate display & I went to a couple stores before I found it.

But I love it & is perfect for this fall season!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Encore Pink

Happy Monday to you all! Today's color is not a fall nail color, but it's everywhere right now. As you know it's breast cancer awareness month so I decided to make my nails pink. The color I'm wearing in Encore Pink by Ulta. 

On my ring finger I wanted to add some glitter. So first I added a coat of The Gold & the Beautiful by Wet N Wild. Then as I was putting away my polish I remembered I had a pink glitter that would have been perfect. Instead of starting over, I just added a coat of that as well. The pink glitter is Strobe Light by Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear.

Here is the pink with just the gold on top

This was a nice change from all the dark colors I've been wearing. But I'm definitely not sick of them yet! And I'm excited to do a couple Halloween manicures as well!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Classic Red

Good morning! Today's mani monday is not too exciting. I had a manicure on Saturday in preparation for my big event that evening.

It was a formal affair so I decided to stick with something classic & something that would go well with my black dress. It was an OPI polish but I can't remember the name of it.

I met my friend Jesica that morning to get a mani/pedi. The pedicures were good, but it all went downhill with the manicures. First of all they didn't even sit us next to each other for our manicures. Jesica got started first & already had someone next to her. Then when they took me to my chair, the lady got up to wax someone's eyebrows. So I waited about 10 minutes before she finally came back. So she started but seemed like she was rushing through it. Then she would mess up & have to clean up the polish around my nails. And she kind of gave me attitude & acted like it was my fault! Then she asked my if I bite my nails. Seriously?? I said no, but wish I would have said more! She told me my nails were too short. What?? I was so annoyed! Once she was done I realized that she filed my nails round, which I don't like, but she never even asked me how I wanted them.

So I will not be going back to that place & will make sure to tell people not to go there!

That is one of the things I hate about getting manicures. They don't usually last that long & it stinks when they don't do it right. I could have given myself a decent manicure at home & saved some money.  Oh well, live & learn right! I'm sure I will be changing my polish in a couple days anyway. I picked up a few colors this weekend ;)