Monday, August 29, 2011

Purple Ombre Nails

For today's look I decided to try an Ombre manicure. The word ombre means shaded or graduated in tone. So your nails range from light to dark.

For this look I used a deep purple from Sinful Colors called Let's Talk. So I painted my thumbs the color. Then I mixed a little white nail polish with the purple to get a slightly lighter shade & used that color on my index fingers. Then I added more white for the middle fingers & kept going until I ended up with the lightest shade on my pinkies.

I actually did this manicure twice, the first one didn't turn out so great. And I feel like the lightest shade didn't mix very well. You could always use five different colors, but I'm not sure I have 5 shades of one color. Or you could use two or three shades & add a little white as needed.

I thought this was a cool idea & was fun to try!

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