Monday, September 26, 2011

Chic Peek

 Hey everyone! We just finished a very busy weekend & I've decided that we are just going to chill out today. So here we go with today's mani monday!

This color is Chic Peek by Ulta. It is a dark brown with silver microglitter. It is an interesting color & I really like it. I would normally think that a brown polish should have gold in it, so the silver adds something different.

And now for the bonus :) Last week at Ulta they had a sale on their Butter London nail polish, buy one get one free. I was so excited because each polish is normally $14. I'm not sure could spend that much money on a bottle of nail polish. So I knew that this sale would be the best time to try it out. I looked online at their website to figure out what colors I liked, then googled them to find swatches. So I ended up with a few colors that I knew I would like to get. 

When I got to Ulta I found one color that I wanted, but when I asked where the rest of the collection was the girl told me they don't carry the whole line, but the other Ulta in my area did. So I decided to drive to the other store in hopes of finding the colors that I wanted.

Well you can guess what happened, the one color I really wanted that was at the first store, was not at the second! So I ended up picking 2 different colors. Here is the first one.

Fash Pack is a taupe with a little shimmer running through it, however the shimmer does not show up too much on the nail.

I like this color but once I got home I realized that I have a couple other polishes very similar to this color. So I wish I had picked something a little more unique. The second color I got is a beautiful dusty blue called Victoriana. I will be swatching this soon so stay tuned for that.

In case you are wondering the main color I wanted is called Wallis. Maybe I'll ask for it for Christmas! I will definitely be on the look out for another sale like that. And I'm excited to see what new colors Butter London comes out with in the spring!

Monday, September 19, 2011


Today's color is one of those colors either you love or you hate. Of course I love it! It is called Trendsetter by China Glaze & this is one of the colors from their fall Metro Collection. 

When I first saw this color on a blog a few months ago I remember thinking how ugly it was. But my taste in nail polish has changed dramatically since then. I love trying out new colors & I am not afraid to think outside the box of pinks, reds & nudes.

This has been described as a mustard yellow (which is going to be a big color this fall, BTW) but it really looks olive green on me.

These bottom pictures were taken in the sun & you can see the gold shimmer that is throughout the polish

I love everything about this color & I'm so excited that I stepped out of the box to try something different. I love the warm tones for the fall and I think this would be pretty in the spring too!

Feel free to leave a comment & let me know of other unique shades you may have tried!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Moody Blues

Good morning everyone! Today we are headed to the Open House at Ella's preschool. She is excited to meet her teacher & see who is in her class, before school starts tomorrow! But for now enjoy today's Mani Monday!

Today's color is Moody Blues by Ulta.

In case you are wondering why most of these colors have been Ulta brand, here's the story. I picked up a few here & there over the past month or so. And now through the 24th they are all on sale for $2! They are normally $6. So when a sale calls I answer!

On my latest trip to Ulta I went with the intention of getting a color called Blue Streak. It is a nice deep cobalt blue. I looked at swatches online & really wanted to get it. But of course they were out of it. So I got Moody Blues instead. It is darker than the other one, but still really pretty.

It is dark navy & what I love about this color is that you can actually tell it's navy blue. Sometimes with dark colors they can look black on your nails. So I love how blue this is. (BTW please excuse my messy application!)

So far I really like this color! I still plan on getting Blue Streak, so I will have to check the other Ulta in my area. And if you've never tried their nail polish now is a great time to stock up!

And one quick tip: If there is a nail color you are interested in, just Google it & look under the images tab. You will be able to see other people who have used it & see what it looks like on their nails. Sometimes what a polish looks like in the bottle is not what it looks like on your nails.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Taupe on a Rope

Happy Labor Day!! I hope you all are enjoying your last weekend of the summer! 

Today's color is called Taupe on a Rope by Ulta. It is a dark brown-taupe color with some golden olive shimmer in it.

I really love this color! And in certain light it can look like an olive green, which I love :) I'm wearing two coats, but I think you could get away with one good coat.

Happy Manicuring :)