Monday, September 26, 2011

Chic Peek

 Hey everyone! We just finished a very busy weekend & I've decided that we are just going to chill out today. So here we go with today's mani monday!

This color is Chic Peek by Ulta. It is a dark brown with silver microglitter. It is an interesting color & I really like it. I would normally think that a brown polish should have gold in it, so the silver adds something different.

And now for the bonus :) Last week at Ulta they had a sale on their Butter London nail polish, buy one get one free. I was so excited because each polish is normally $14. I'm not sure could spend that much money on a bottle of nail polish. So I knew that this sale would be the best time to try it out. I looked online at their website to figure out what colors I liked, then googled them to find swatches. So I ended up with a few colors that I knew I would like to get. 

When I got to Ulta I found one color that I wanted, but when I asked where the rest of the collection was the girl told me they don't carry the whole line, but the other Ulta in my area did. So I decided to drive to the other store in hopes of finding the colors that I wanted.

Well you can guess what happened, the one color I really wanted that was at the first store, was not at the second! So I ended up picking 2 different colors. Here is the first one.

Fash Pack is a taupe with a little shimmer running through it, however the shimmer does not show up too much on the nail.

I like this color but once I got home I realized that I have a couple other polishes very similar to this color. So I wish I had picked something a little more unique. The second color I got is a beautiful dusty blue called Victoriana. I will be swatching this soon so stay tuned for that.

In case you are wondering the main color I wanted is called Wallis. Maybe I'll ask for it for Christmas! I will definitely be on the look out for another sale like that. And I'm excited to see what new colors Butter London comes out with in the spring!

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