Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My First Glam Bag!

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share a beauty website with you all. I heard about this on YouTube & was so excited to try it! is a monthly subscription service. You pay $10 a month & each month you get a new bag filled with 4 or 5 beauty products to try. If you go to their website you can learn all the details. When I first checked it out they had a preview of the bag & I signed up immediately! I know that they sold out of December bags & recently opened subscriptions back up for the January bag. If you are interested I would go check it out soon because they may sell out again. But if they are, just keep checking back! Also you can cancel anytime. But enough talk, lets get to the bag!

The bags are shipped or arrive around the 10th of each month. Mine was shipped on the 8th, I believe & I got it on the 10th. It came in this cute pink envelope!

And this in the bag that contained all my products.

This month I got 5 products & this was the only company I had not heard of. These are blush papers by Mai Couture. These look like oil blotting papers, but they have color on them. You just rub the paper on your cheeks to apply the blush. This is a full size product with 50 sheets. They sell this for $17.50 on their website. This product is OK, I've used it a few times. I will rub it on my cheek, then go back & blend it out with a brush. I do like the color & will definitely use them.

Next is a sample size of the Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara by Tarte. I've heard good things about this on YouTube & was interested in trying it. It claims to increase lash volume by 424%. I don't know about that! I like this mascara, but I don't think it does anything spectacular to my lashes. A full size of this product is $19. I love my Covergirl Lash Blast Volume for $8!

Next up is an Urban Decay eye shadow in the color Sin. I really love this & have been wearing it a lot since I got it. It is a light pink/peach/champagne shimmery color. It's a great neutral to have. On days when I'm in a hurry or don't want a lot on my eyes, I just wear this. And I love this color because it's something you can wear everyday. I believe this is a full size eye shadow, which retails for $17.

Also, I got the Urban Decay Primer Potion. When I first started watching videos, this product was in almost all of them! But a full size is $19. I certainly don't want to spend that kind of money on something that no one can even see! But I was super excited to see I was getting this. I've been using the ELF eyelid primer from Target that costs $1. I wanted to compare them & see if the UD was any better. I used UD on one eyelid & ELF on the other & by the end of the day I think they both looked the same. I really couldn't tell much difference. So I think I'll stick with the ELF!

Lastly I got a soft matte lip cream from NYX in the color Milan. This is an interesting product. It comes in a tube with a wand like a lipgloss, but it is completely matte when you put it on. It's like a lipstick in a tube. I like this color, but I will probably wear it more in the spring/summer. I would like to try some other colors as well. They sell NYX at Ulta & these are $6.

Overall I love everything in my bag! I may not buy any of it, but I have enjoyed trying it. Especially because I don't buy high end makeup brands. This is a great way to try products that I might not ever buy myself. And you get a lot for your $10. I got at least $40 worth of product in my bag. I love these bags & I'm so excited for the next one! I will be sure to post my monthly Glam Bag! Let me know if you sign up for this. And if you have, I'd love to hear what;s in your bag!

Thanks for reading!

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