Monday, December 19, 2011

My New Favorite Store + NOTD

We all know that Bed Bath & Beyond is a great home store. They have pretty much anything you need for your house, and a lot you didn't even know you needed! But did you know that some of them sell makeup? I've been hearing a lot about BB&B in beauty blogs & videos. My store that I normally shop at doesn't carry makeup. But I checked online & another store in my area does! Well you know that I planned a trip the next day to check it out!

When I was walked in it was like the clouds parted & angels were singing! I was so excited! How did I not know about this before? Straight away I found what I had gone looking for, new Revlon nail polishes. I found the colors I wanted & then some. The drugstore makeup brands seem to be stepping up their game & there are many new products hitting the shelves. And for some reason BB&B is the place to find them first! They had several products not yet out in the drugstores.

Their prices are really great as well. They seem to be cheaper than drugstores. Revlon Lip Butters have been really popular & everyone has been trying to find them. At CVS they are close to $8 & Target has them for about $6.50. But they were $5.79 at BB&B! And BB&B is always mailing out coupons. 

On my trip I picked up 4 nail polishes & used my coupon for $5 off $15 purchase. So the Revlon polish retails for $3.79 (at drugstores they are $4.99) and with the coupon they were each $2.80. I also got an Essie polish (yes they sell Essie too!) that retails for $7.79 for $5.76.

Overall it was a success! I can't wait to go back, especially one day when I can leave the kids at home! You can click here to see if there is a store near you that carries makeup. If you are close to one, it is worth checking out!

Now on to my NOTD. I am wearing Concrete Evidence by Ulta with Revlon Stunning on my ring finger. This is one of the colors I picked up at BB&B. I had not heard about this color, but when I saw it I had to have it! It is so pretty & sparkly! This will look great over lots of colors. 

Thanks for reading!

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