Friday, October 28, 2011

Candy Corn Nails!

Well it is officially Halloween weekend & I'm so excited! We have a couple things going on this weekend & I wanted to get in the Halloween mood. It started yesterday with Ella's Fall Festival & Party at school. I was signed up to help, so Wednesday afternoon I did candy corn nails. I thought the kids would like it. But I actually got quite a few compliments from the adults! 

This was really easy to do. I used Sun-Sational by Ulta and Hazard & Snow Me White by Sinful Colors. Any yellow, orange & white that you may have would work. I know Sally Hansen makes a yellow polish as well. You could find all these colors at the drugstore. There's still time before Halloween!

I painted all my nails orange, except my ring finger, which I painted white. After my nails were dry I painted yellow at the base of my ring finger. I let that dry, then went back & painted an orange stripe in the middle, covering up where the yellow & white met.

I think overall it turned out pretty cute! And everywhere I went yesterday people told me how cute it was & asked if I had it done somewhere! If you wanted, you could make each nail a candy corn, but I like this look. And it would take a lot more time to do each nail that way.

I still have another Halloween manicure that I want to try, so look for that one on Monday. Let me know if any of you try this or any other Halloween manicure! Have a great weekend :)

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