Monday, October 24, 2011


Hello everyone! It's that time of the week! Today's color may not be one you associate with Fall. But it is metallic, which is popular right now. It is called Rage by Orly. It is a nice shimmery rose gold.

The lighting in this picture is too dark, but I think you can really see how much this polish shines & sparkles!

I think this color would work well during the holidays, like on New Years Eve. And it would be pretty in the summer too.

But as always you should wear what you like when you like! If you want to wear a bright pink in the dead of winter, do it! A dark purple in June? Why not!

I really like this color & I'm so glad I got it. I had been looking at it in the store for a while. I actually went to Ulta one day in search of another Orly polish & saw that they were on sale. So I took it as a sign to finally get this one too :) I'll post the other polish soon.

But I have a couple Halloween looks coming up this week!

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